Opposites Attract / Drama
Completed March 9th, 2006
Oh goodness, the drama-train has come to Filmfights. People have been asking for a dramatic-type thing for years now, and I've always thought it was a bad idea. Prove me wrong! Make people care about your characters!

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"really awesome. My girlfriend almost cried."

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Description: "Emotion where emotion does not exist. -Brad www.ninja-vanish.com "

Submitted: February 22nd, 2006

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Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Opposites Attract"

by CPP

Genre: Drama

Matt Lambert Films16
Samurai Pirate14
Penny Dog Productions7

Opposites Attract

by CPP

Emotion where emotion does not exist. -Brad www.ninja-vanish.com

12 reviews
63 votes

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Back to Square One

Genre: Any

Rules: It's time for your main character to start over. Is he/she starting over from a bad marriage, a new job, or maybe they just lost all their lives on the video game they've been playing.

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