FFCon2k8 L.A. Lipdubs / Lipdub
Completed October 14th, 2008
Every year we come together and do 'in camera edit' films - meaning you've got to shoot it up old school style, straight to tape. This year we made LIP DUBS (like a music video, but in one shot).

"Nice shooting in the beginning!! It was Justin doing the camera work I assume, since he wasnt in the actual video. Great job on that. It was smooth, which is hard to do with your in camera edits. Afterwards, it got a little slow. Once the music started it was pretty dull. But still entertaining."

Avatar Micco6

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Description: "Justin from One Trick Pony, David Lehre from Vendetta, and Megan sing Weezer's classic "Buddy Holly"!"

Submitted: August 14th, 2008

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Never There"

by Shoot First Atlanta

Genre: Lipdub

Shoot First Atlanta62
One Trick Pony10
A-OK Films7
Irrational Films7

Never There

by Shoot First Atlanta

Shoot First Atlanta's lipdub video for the song "Never There" by Cake.

1 reviews
62 votes

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Rules: The main character has a person that rides around on their back at all times. The burden never comes off, no matter how hard the main character tries. Do this practically or use visual effects!

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