FFCon2k8 L.A. Lipdubs / Lipdub
Completed October 14th, 2008
Every year we come together and do 'in camera edit' films - meaning you've got to shoot it up old school style, straight to tape. This year we made LIP DUBS (like a music video, but in one shot).

"This was one of my two favorites! I liked it alot. I loved how you guys incorporated the lyrics. Like the first time that the piranhas are mentioned, and you pull those "piranhas" from behind lump, it was awesome! I wasnt expecting that. Great Job. And funny too."

Avatar Micco6

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Description: "Dave Seger and Tim of A-OK Films team up with Heather to rock 'LUMP'!"

Submitted: August 13th, 2008

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Never There"

by Shoot First Atlanta

Genre: Lipdub

Shoot First Atlanta62
One Trick Pony10
A-OK Films7
Irrational Films7

Never There

by Shoot First Atlanta

Shoot First Atlanta's lipdub video for the song "Never There" by Cake.

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62 votes

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