Hard Boiled / Film Noir
Completed February 14th, 2011
In the style of a gritty film noir! Don't get stuck in the olden days - you can also make a modern-style noir film (a la "Brick").

"A very clever take on the film noir idea. Reminded me of the feel of the play, "City of Angels," which I always enjoyed. Got a good laugh at the hot woman speaking with the landlord's voice also. Great job!" read replies

Avatar russellrules
Beachwood, NJ
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Description: "Detective Woodward is given his toughest case yet, but nobody else sees things his way..."

Submitted: January 30th, 2011

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "The Missing Rent"

by The Homerton Film Troupe

Genre: Film Noir

The Homerton Film Troupe83
Indie Machines61
Hey Killer Productions52
Swine Films22
Jersey Unleashed Films 21
Mega Black Suit Productions16

The Missing Rent

by The Homerton Film Troupe

Detective Woodward is given his toughest case yet, but nobody else sees things his way...

9 reviews
83 votes

Smack Talk!

"Awriiiiite! We won our very first fight! (Technically it's my second win, just in a different group this time, but I'll keep that quiet). I'd like to thank all our voters, the Academy, and whoever it was who first decided to soak ground up coffee beans in water to see what would happen. I've never worked in a group so big, so I have to thank Richard, Jesse, Sean, Oceane, the two Vickys and Kenichi for writing/acting/co-directing. Hats off to all the other entries, especially the HWs - there was some incredible competition in this fight so I'm pretty amazed we won. Hope to see you all again in future fights! Lots of love, from James."

Avatar Jaames
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Due December 31
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