Misconception / Any
Completed June 7th, 2011
You enter into a new situation, but your preconceived notions of it are totally wrong!

"At first I thought, aw, kids with guns movie :/, but you guys did a GREAT job, like a backyard Jason Bourne."

Avatar rlatham
Salem, OR
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Description: "A bird watcher is going about his daily bird watching when he discovers something quit serious."

Submitted: May 14th, 2011

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Video "Bird Watching - FFTV"

by AlexKfridges Productions

Genre: Any

AlexKfridges Productions58
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Beaver Brain Productions37

Bird Watching - FFTV

by AlexKfridges Productions

A bird watcher is going about his daily bird watching when he discovers something quit serious.

10 reviews
58 votes

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"WOOO we won! thanks to everyone who voted and submitted, and to film fights for making this aweosme site! also i thanks justin for correcting the weight catergory at the start.nnLook foreward to more great video's from AlexKfridges! and be sure to check out our yoututbe channel, nwww.youtube.com/user/alexkfridges"

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Some Like It Hot

Genre: Any

Rules: Use the title to inspire you, but make it as different as possible. Some people like it a bit hotter than others. Create your short film around this idea. Nobody's perfect!

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