The Disciples of the Gun / Gangster
Completed July 12th, 2006
Ya know, just your run of the mill gangster movie. old or new. Goddfellas, Sopranos, Micky Blue Eyes, The Godfather, The Untouchables, Casino, The Public Enemy, Donny Brasco....you get the picture. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH GANGSTA!!!

"The filter or whatver is kinda getting annoying. I would use really heavy effects like this only when emphasizing something. Alot of times less really is more.The dialouge is pretty cliche. Why didn't the hero just shoot that guy in the face? Also Nothing is explained, a bunch of people just die real quick. A simp..." read more

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Description: "8th Day Labour's 2nd FilmFight: Disciples of the Gun. Hi-8 tape + 8mm camera = good times."

Submitted: June 28th, 2006

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Disciples of the Gun"

by Pocket Aces Productions

Genre: Gangster

Pocket Aces Productions30
8th Day Labour21
White Smoke Films16
Ground Floor Films15

Disciples of the Gun

by Pocket Aces Productions

Tommy finally gets his chance to make his way up into the mafia and earn his mafia nickname, but ...

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