The Disciples of the Gun / Gangster
Completed July 12th, 2006
Ya know, just your run of the mill gangster movie. old or new. Goddfellas, Sopranos, Micky Blue Eyes, The Godfather, The Untouchables, Casino, The Public Enemy, Donny Brasco....you get the picture. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH GANGSTA!!!

"The mood lighting is nice, but needs alittle more, the Don was to dark. The set was great. "The Don says don't touch him" NICE. Again it was too dark when the main guy was hanging off the roof about to drop the rock. What would have made the scene lite perfect is a reflector. Just cover a big flat piece of cardboa..." read more

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Description: "Tommy finally gets his chance to make his way up into the mafia and earn his mafia nickname, but is he up to the challenge of icing Chilly Jimmy?"

Submitted: June 17th, 2006

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Disciples of the Gun"

by Pocket Aces Productions

Genre: Gangster

Pocket Aces Productions30
8th Day Labour21
White Smoke Films16
Ground Floor Films15

Disciples of the Gun

by Pocket Aces Productions

Tommy finally gets his chance to make his way up into the mafia and earn his mafia nickname, but ...

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